Membership is about committed relationships where we all depend on one another.

Membership is a mutual agreement to partner in a missional life. Membership is being part of the multigenerational, family organization where you are a contributing person. You are investing your heart, sweat, prayers, money, time, laughs, and hopes in the growth and success of Harmony’s people and our mission.

Being a member of Harmony means we can depend on you to:

  • worship Christ in all of life
  • further its mission of being and making disciples
  • meet the church's needs
  • care for the church's people
  • pray for and follow the church's leadership
  • represent Jesus and Harmony wherever you go

Being a member of Harmony means you can depend on us to...

  • be faithful to Scripture
  • help you know, love, and obey God
  • shepherd your spiritual growth as a disciple of Jesus Christ
  • support you in crisis
  • encourage and confront you as needed
  • equip you for ‘word and deed’ ministry

Membership Classes

Harmony offers classes for prospective members and for people simply interested in learning more about our church and how membership works at Harmony. These classes cover what it means to be a member at Harmony Bible Church. Please check our EVENTS page to see when our next class is.

Member Application

Once you have taken one of our membership interest classes, you can complete a membership application.


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the church office at

Sundays - 10:00 AM CST