Membership Reaffirmation

Membership at Harmony means more than affiliation.
Membership means active participation.

At the annual members meeting on Nov. 12, 2017, Harmony’s membership approved the following measure with a 98% vote:

Current members of Harmony Bible Church will need to reaffirm their membership by April 30, 2018, in order to remain a member at Harmony Bible Church. People reaffirming their membership are re-committing themselves to fulfill Harmony’s Membership Covenant to the best of their abilities.

The meaning of membership at Harmony has changed in recent years. In addition to changes enacted by a major constitutional revision in 2014, our concept of membership has deepened as we emphasize shepherding relationships and the need for members to be fully engaged in the mission of our church. With these changes, we recognize some members may feel it is best not to continue being accountable to the Membership Covenant and therefore should not be Harmony members at this time. If this is the case, the reaffirmation process provides a simple way for people to end their membership. This process also provides a concrete way for people to examine their level of commitment and participation in the relationships, ministries, and mission of Harmony.

The Membership Covenant is an outline of what it looks like to be a disciple and make disciples of Jesus Christ. It includes: a commitment to growing spiritually, helping others grow spiritually, regularly attending worship services, being in meaningful relationships for intentional spiritual growth (example: a small group), and actively participating in Harmony’s shepherding efforts. Being a member also means committing to invest your time, money, and abilities to further Harmony’s mission of glorifying God by being disciples and making disciples.

Membership is a significant commitment. This reaffirmation process allows people to review what the Membership Covenant means and to prayerfully decide whether they want to partner with Harmony at that level. Those who do not reaffirm their membership are welcome to continue attending Harmony Bible Church, and membership would be open to them in the future should their level of participation align with the heart of the Membership Covenant.

No one will ever perfectly fulfill the Membership Covenant, much less all the commands of God. There is only one perfect person: Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. Our only hope is Jesus, not how well we do at following Him. The Membership Covenant is not about perfection. It is about making a commitment to be fully engaged with the people, ministries, and mission of Harmony Bible Church.

If you are a member, please carefully, prayerfully, and reflectively read over the Membership Covenant below. Then, at the bottom of this page, type your name and contact info and indicate your decision regarding your membership reaffirmation. Those who do not reaffirm their membership are welcome to continue attending Harmony Bible Church, and membership would be open to them in the future should their level of participation align with the heart of the Membership Covenant.

If you have any questions, please call the church office (319-237-8400) or contact Clay Baker, Andrew Wiese, or another Harmony elder.


  • ­I have received Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior and desire to join in membership with Harmony Bible Church. I have read the Constitution of Harmony Bible Church, including Part I: Confession of Faith, and Part II: Rules of Church Government. I agree to act in accordance with the Confession of Faith and to not teach against any of the stated doctrines. I also agree to act in accordance with the Rules of Church Government as stated. [To access Harmony’s Constitution, go here.]

  • I further agree to accept the leadership of this Church by the Elders as they follow God’s Word and the Constitution.

  • I commit to worship Christ in all of life, striving in all things to honor my Lord and Savior through a manner of life that is a demonstration of the Christian Gospel to the Church, to the world, and through obedience to the will of God as set forth in Scripture and in the Confession of Faith.

  • I commit to live on mission by growing as a disciple who makes fellow disciples of Jesus Christ.

  • I commit to faithfully pray for the Church leaders, graciously and biblically expecting them to be of sound doctrine and godly character. I will also pray for the people and ministries of Harmony Bible Church, desiring the guidance and strength of the Holy Spirit for all the church body.

  • I commit to faithfully attend weekly worship services of Harmony Bible Church and specially called congregational meetings.

  • I commit to financially support Harmony in a joyful, sacrificial way.

  • I commit to live in community with one another, seeking to form growing relationships of encouragement, love, and discipleship.

  • I commit to faithfully use my abilities and time for the Lord for the church body of Harmony and/or in the community or world.

  • I commit to actively participate in Harmony’s shepherding relationships.

  • I commit to work to preserve church unity through gracious speech and by lovingly addressing concerns directly to the correct people in a timely manner.

  • I understand and agree that if at some time later my beliefs or conduct are called into question by the Church Elder Board, or if I find myself out of harmony with the beliefs and practices of this Church, I will submit to the careful consideration and decision of the Church Elder Board regarding the faith or conduct in question, and will be governed by such decision as to my future relationship with the Church.


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