April 13-21

This adult medical trip includes working with refugees mostly from Syria. The team will partner with True Vine Church, a global partner with Harmony. During this week stay the team will be conducing medical clinics, seeing patients and prescribing medicine to those in need. True Vine is a ministry located just outside of the Syrian boarder, they have been helping Syrian refugees for over 20 years. 

  • Cost: $1,500
  • For more information contact matt@harmonybiblechurch.org



June 24-July 1

This is a level 1 Jr High student trip. The goal of this trip is to open the eyes of our students to begin to see the need all around them and being to respond as Christ would respod. During the week they will be getting training and getting to practice what they learn in the classroom. Some of the practice they will be doing is helping out in a food pantry, students will get to walk with people around the pantry talking and building relationships. 

  • Cost: $500
  • For more information contact jessica@harmonybiblechurch.org



July 7-15

The newest of trips! This is a level 3 High School trip to Mexico. While in Mexico the goal is to become a cultural learner and know how in to integrate yourself into a culture not your own. Followed by building some shelter home for those in need.

  • Very physical intense trip.
  • Classroom time of learning
  • Cost of trip $1,000
  • For more information contact jessica@harmonybiblechurch.org


July 19-22

Extended weekend in the Twin Cities, involves discovering your roll in reaching the nations. During the weekend you will be in a classroom setting learning about the major religions of the world, discovering what they believe and why. Once you learned in a classroom you get to go out to one of the biggest hubs for refugees that come to the states. During the weekend you will learn the many rolls of reaching the nations from mobilizing to going and everything in-between. 

  • Cost $300
  • For more information contact matt@harmonybiblechurch.org




July 28- August 5

Heading to Dallas, Texas to work with For the Nations an organization centered around helping refugees coming into the State for the fist time. This is a level 2 trip for High School students. This trip will involve helping children being to learn English and help families learn life. Most of all showing the love of Christ through actions.

  • Cost of trip $500
  • For more information contact jessica@harmonybiblechurch.org.


October 21-31

Want to encourage women living cross cultural? Then this is your trip, getting to partner with GT and April Heston (our own field staff). This will be a week of serving, encouraging and refreshing women who live in the Albanian peninsula. Holding a conference, and a time of gathering to let these women breath and take a step back from everyday ministry and refocus their life and heart on the Lord. 

  • Cost $1,200
  • For more information contact candy@harmonybiblechurch.org


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